Smelling roses

I’ve been having so much fun, enjoying life, smelling the roses stuff like that.

Really, truly probably too much fun considering the end of semester is coming up… That means exams, that means thinking about the bigger picture and working hard to get there.

Sigh. I’m holding out until FREEDOM.

Speaking of being replaying some young and free in my mind. Such great songs!

This blog is clearly more of a conversation I’m having with myself.

I hope you enjoyed the visit into the constant rambling that is my mind.


Mumford and sons

Mumford and sons

Marcus Mumford serenading me. One of my favourite nights of my year to date. I have a 101, quite literally, photos to document the night. There is a very high chance I will post them all. But of course in a clever and systematic way in order not to overload you.


I have something to say.

I felt the need to set the premise.

‘Well obviously, it is a blog’ you may think to yourself but no, I must tell you that I have something to say. So don’t be surprised as they unfold. You see I still have to figure that part out.

ok good so we’re on the same page. 

Welcome. You look lovely.

so let’s get to connecting the dots, shall we.