Happy birthday Jesus

Happy birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to all!

I am currently lying on my couch,
The parents are in the other room with our final round of visitors
The kids are playing play station.
The food has been and the dishes washed.

This is life.

Really truly my Christmas was so incredibly fun. So much family and food and fun. I am so thankful for all the crazy, wonderful and insane people I share my life with.

My heart, my soul, my being is swelling with LOVE.



It’s a double post kind of night.

I give you Marcus in real life.



I really like the title of this post because its ironic. Ha.

Get it… Because this blog is definitely not popular.

Oh Irony! For those who may read this post, which is actually highly unlikely for reasons sited above, and argue that what I have done above is not irony but some other literary technique that I have forgotten then I apologise.

Although I am not sorry. Honestly speaking that is.

But getting back on track- the reason I even decided to post was because two, yes TWO people in my daily life have made reference to this blog since I started posting. I naturally am mind blown, although not quite enough to get rid of the constant chatter, seeing as I have mentioned this blog to not a soul. My only advertising a subtle link to it on my Instagram. Who knew that people actually care enough to click the blue hyperlink!

At this point in time I should add this I have consumed a very very large amount of sugar tonight so the web of thoughts in my head are definitely on overload.

I have very fun things to share though so I will definitely get onto sharing them. When I feel like it… Just so you don’t hold me any kind of deadline. I do not do schedules or deadlines very well.

To the two people reading this I sincerely hope we can still be friends despite the insanity that is my mind on written canvas… Although if you know me in real life then you already know this.

I’m back


I realise that I’m writing this blog to a loyal following of…noone.


I don’t mind, I really don’t.

I honestly feel like my mind is often having conversations with it’s self so writing some of this stuff down is the best thing I can do.

So I think I might write down a couple of things that keep repeating and making themselves audible above the rest of the background noise up in there:

-Holidays= freedom

-work=money=play and adventures

-life= great

I keep thinking these things and smiling to myself, the more I smile the happier I get. The happier I get the more I think about these things and so the cycle continues.

SO. to end this welcome back I leave you with nothing but sweet thoughts and this video and song by the wonderful band ‘THE LUMINEERS‘ whom I am definitely loving!