Euphoria// a feeling or state of intense excitement or happiness

So it’s clearly been a while since I last blogged. I know it’s ridiculous as I did REVIVE this blog so that i would actually post on it.

BUT in all truthfulness life has been too good, too sad and too inbetween.

So you see I was busy being present in my own life. I wish I could give a detailed account of everything that’s happened over the last month but that would be silly.

Instead here is a little overview of some of my highlights! 


JAN 9TH// James Vincent Mcmorrow. Metro theatre. Majestic. Breathtaking. Captivating. 


JAN 13TH-17TH// SUMMERCAMP14. New ground was broken. Hearts were restored, lives changed never to be the same again. This is our SUMMER, MONTH, YEAR, LIFE.

JAN 29TH// Birthday. Entering the third decade of my life!

FEB 6TH// ADELAIDE. The National 

S x.


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