Autumn love


Autumn is my favourite season. It’s when the colours in life come out to play. It’s warm enough to enjoy being outside. But the cool air is refreshing- it reminds me to breathe.

March hasn’t exactly been what I’d hope. But uni’s back and THE exam is done. I choose to look towards the great things. The hope that April will bring.

S x.




Today I made granola. It doesn’t seem like much but it made me feel so good. It’s only Tuesday and it’s already feeling a little bit like a BLEH kind of week. I’m thankful that I’m a sucker for the simple things otherwise it may have taken something a whole lot more complicated to appease my funk.

I got the idea for this granola from some friends who I recently visited at their new house! They’ve moved into the inner-city and of course making granola has become a Thursday night activity! Surely you know it’s what everyone in Camperdown can be found doing on such an evening. But the original recipe comes from the wonderful my new roots blog!

It turned out heavenly. Although I would suggest that you alter the amounts of the liquid ingredients depending on how moist you like your granola!

Overall next time you’re in a funk make some granola. If nothing else you’ve at least got some granola to snack on.

S x.



There are some people in life that are just a breath of fresh air. Couldn’t believe my luck that I got to meet one on a rainy Thursday! A Thursday that would have otherwise been utterly uneventful turned into a Chinatown roaming, George street strolling, yogurtland hunting expedition. Perfect strangers can be a lot of fun. Cheers for that Iszy.

S x.