Foggy days

Foggy days

Misty Mountain Memories



So this year has gotten off to an amazing start in so many aspects!

Really truly! We are only 8 days into this year and it’s kicked off with a bang!


I went to see Tom Odell! I am a massive fan of his! The voice, the accent and the hair were too much for me to keep my composure. I shamelessly admit to being one of the many concert goers yelling out ludicrous marriage proposals and generally fangirl-ing hard core!

If you have not heard of him do yourself a favour- hop on youtube, spotify, itunes or whatever else you use and acquaint yourself because he’ll soon be your bestfriend.

Just to make sure you do- check out the link!

Another thing that has made this year so great thus far has got to be my lovely, amazing, brilliant, funny and pretty darn great friends! Today three of us adventured into the misty blue mountains. We had no real plan other than to drive up there and just see where our hearts take us.

The adventurous spirit in each of us did not disappoint.

For lunch we visited the Blue Mist Cafe up at Wentworth Falls! three words- ALL DAY BREAKFAST! (+ not to mention an equally great lunch menu). This is fast becoming one of my favourite cafes ever. In recent times whenever the opportunity has presented itself to have lunch in the mountains I lean heavily towards this cafe which doubles upstairs as a bookshop. Eating and books are two of my loves in life-so I am happy there.

The fog however meant that hiking the nearby Wentworth Falls was a big no no. So we climbed further up the mountains to the tourist hotspot Katoomba. The day was perfect for anyone interested in seeing the FOGGY sisters however those interested in the three sisters would have been thoroughly disappointed- there was fog everywhere not a rock formation to be seen!

We walked along a trial, got a bit lost, listened to Beyonce and danced in the rain. In that order. Then we stood on a silence empty road with the swaying evergreens behind us and took photos. Then it was off to Leura for dessert we went as we made our descent from the mountain. My friends and I are simple girls- we enjoy the silly things in life. And I love them for that.

Hoping your new year has started off with some dancing moments in some of your happy places too!

Here’s to more to come

S x.


Revive  [ri viv] // to restore to life or consciousness

This seems to be the appropriate title to this blog seeing as I plan on getting back into this whole blogging thing.

And seriously what better time then on the 1/1/14                                     New Year, New Challenges- why not blog it! I’m so very excited to do this.

So this will be just a mix and mash of all sorts of things in my life. I’m going to try to be fairly consistent with these blog posts and really give it a go!



Dear computer friends,

I am back in cyberspace! 

I’m so very sorry for my absence but the real world has been much too good to be as of late!

I’m excited to tell you that life is good!

I feel good on so many levels. I’m a big bundle of hope, faith and love.

I’m hopeful that this new year will bring unwavering confidence and exciting new relationships 

I have faith in a God that never fails and who loves unconditionally and without fail

I have love, love, love in my heart and I’m glad that I have people in my life to share it with!

Happy birthday Jesus

Happy birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to all!

I am currently lying on my couch,
The parents are in the other room with our final round of visitors
The kids are playing play station.
The food has been and the dishes washed.

This is life.

Really truly my Christmas was so incredibly fun. So much family and food and fun. I am so thankful for all the crazy, wonderful and insane people I share my life with.

My heart, my soul, my being is swelling with LOVE.

My life is a never ending connect the dots. I'm waiting to find out what the unfolding image is…